cirrus 3D conveyor

Cirrus 3D for the conveyor belt: 3D Inspection


“Picking / inspection of moving parts on the fly on a conveyor. The new VISIO NERF 3D sensor allows the automatic picking of parts on a conveyor belt, as well as the on-the-fly inspection. cirrus3D conveyor allows a simplified, fast and flexible integration with your production lines. The cirrus3D conveyor is designed to integrate the core of your installation without specific development. This 3D scanner is used in a fixed position above a conveyor belt carrying parts, equipped or not with eyesberg3D image processing software (patented technology) for the implementation of vision / robotics applications of incomparable efficiency and of very high quality. These sensors are built for industrial use, cirrus3D conveyors are therefore less sensitive to the environment, dust and brightness variations to ensure unpararelled reliability and robustness of your installations(IP65). “

Industrial needs

The demand for the location of parts or the recognition of moving parts on a the conveyor belt is constantly increasing. That’s why VISIO NERF decided to expand its range of 3D sensors by launching a fast scanner capable of digitizing moving parts for real-time location.

From an application standpoint, this new cirrus3D conveyor sensor focuses on the identification and 3D location of parts tracking on a the conveyor belt. The sensor, thanks to its patented eyesberg3D software, is able to recognize a part either by comparison to its CAD model, or by comparing the point cloud obtained with different CAD models to identify the part. More than just recognizing and locating parts, the 3D solution makes it possible to be completely unaffected by surrounding elements (other parts on the belt, tools, dust …) also present on the the conveyor belt.

In a few words

High density of points
High speed of processing for acquisition and location
High accuracy for location, tenths of a millimeter
Comparison of a cloud point with a CAD file (option)
Userfriendly interface
Calibration in a few minutes
Comparison with a CAD model
Up to 3000 profiles / s
Up to 6 million 3D points “


  • Fast
  • Factory-calibrated and stand-alone “Plug & Work” solutions
  • Easy calibration of the system in a few minutes
  • Accuracy: up to 0.5 mm
  • Working volumes up to 1600 mm wide
  • Compatible with all brands of robots on the market
  • Flexibility of the system
  • Economical device: a single box with cameras + lighting + software
  • Only one device to connect: less power consumption and less space needed
  • Structured light scanning (Blue LED).
  • Water cooling possible (option).

Sensor Characteristics

  • Connections: Power / Ethernet / Screen / USB port
  • Configuration: Intuitive and easy-to-use acquisition parameters interface
  • Visualization of the 3D point cloud
  • Calibration in minutes with automatic determination of the encoder resolution and the exact position of the sensor relative to the the conveyor belt
  • Inputs for phase A and B incremental encoder 24V
  • Encoder resolution greater than the 3D line acquisition resolution for greater accuracy
  • Automatic setting of the encoder resolution during the calibration phase. And the calibration allows to measure and compensate the exact position of the cirrus3D with respect to the the conveyor belt; therefore the position of the cirrus3D during installation is not critical.
  • Automatic parts detection and non-conforming parts filtering.
  • Synchronization signal sent to the robot by 24V output and part’s coordinates via TCP / IP .
  • This synchronization signal connects instead of the part detection cell conventionally used

Fields of Application

Vision 3D Robotique

Product Information

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial vision, VISIO NERF has designed and developed vision solutions for industrial needs with its cirrus3D 3D vision sensors. Do not hesitate to contact us so that our technical sales team can present to you our know-how in more details. The documentation for our sensors and our solutions can also be downloaded. On request, some specific solutions can also be developed, do not hesitate to contact our team to receive more information for your projects.