Optical sorting

Optical sorting

Identifying, sorting, a proven expertise

VISIO NERF solutions allow you to sort items to eliminate intruders and/or non-compliant elements in a completely reliable manner.
VISIO NERF uses an automatic optical sorting system : it is designed to remove any undesirable particles according to the user’s wishes, with a processing capacity of up to 10 tons per hour in the case of optical grape sorting.


Manual sorting has shown its limits, especially on an industrial scale, when it comes to match the market’s quality requirements and the food health regulations that get more and more strict about fruits and vegetables. The hand alone cannot detect small imperfections on the product on a high-speed conveyor belt, and this is where the optical sorting system is efficient. The automation of food and agriculture sorting processes has become necessary over the past few years, with 3D automation solutions developed for the market.

Remote control via internet connection

An Internet connection allows the sorting machine to communicate directly with you and your network of dealers, if applicable. This machine/technical service relationship offers additional peace of mind through remote control.

Adaptable depending on the sorting

In the case of grapes, optical sorting allows the user to grade sorting according to the desired goal and to initial harvest quality
The user can opt to eliminate foreign bodies, plant material (stems, leaf stalks, etc.), unripe grapes, rotten grapes, crushed grapes, over-ripe grapes, etc.
Parameters can be altered to allow the user to adapt the sorting level to the requirements, winemaking process, etc. Various settings are available, based on :

  • Colour (eliminate unripe green or pinkish grapes)
  • Size (e.g. elimination of verjuice, stems, etc.)
  • Object shape (e.g. elimination of crushed grapes or any grapes that are not a healthy rounded shape)

Once the programme has been adjusted, and after the dedicated image processing, each element passing in front of the camera is analysed before being eliminated or kept


Using different technologies depending on the product to sort out (2D or 3D camera, with or without color etc.) and the project, Visio Nerf has developed an optical sorting system with two cameras working in stereoscopy.

In the case of the lamb’s lettuce for example, we use a 3D color high resolution camera combined with LED lights to triangulate the area and get the most precision. This way, any imperfection on the lamb’s lettuce can be detected, and the product is then ejected by the use of an air nozzle within 15 ms. In the case of grapes, the optical sorting system can manage to work with 10 t/h with a wide range of view.

The optical sorting machine is paired with a easy-to-use interface and programs that can be set up by the operator.


The best Return On Investment: The high quality of our components and technology allows us to get a very deep analysis of the product and to reject the wrong ones at a nearly 100% rate precision.

A strong reliability: our vision sorting system is built with a great life span and does not use much energy while scanning, hence providing a low cost of electricity needed.

An all-rounded sorting equipment: All Visio Nerf sorting systems are developed alongside integrators and manufacturers to offer you the best and most adapted solution depending on the product sorted and the constraints related to the sorting environment.

Easy-to-use and flexible: Our optical sorting software is developed to have a very intuitive interface with simple sliders to help customers to program the settings they would like for the quality of the sort out.

Quick technical support: The main settings of the sorting machine are developed following the customer’s requirements and specifications. All the installation and customization of the settings are done by the Visio Nerf team with the help of the integrator. If any problem would arise, a Visio Nerf support technician would take care of it using a secured software within a short amount of time.

Maintenance: The optical sorting system does not require any specific maintenance and can run smoothly.

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With more than 30 years of experience in vision, VISO NERF has designed and developed vision solutions for industrial needs with its cirrus3D 3D vision sensors. Do not hesitate to contact us so that our technical sales team can present to you our know-how in more details . The documentation for our sensors and our solutions can also be downloaded. On request, some specific solutions can also be developed, do not hesitate to contact our team to receive more information for your projects.