Optical candling

Optical candling

An innovative technology, an unrivaled expertise

Early candling

  • Example on chicken eggs for candling as early as 10 days
  • 100% detection of clear eggs
  • Very low error rate, typically 0.2% dead eggs remaining and 0.1% live eggs removed.
  • Lateral air cell detection
  • Upside down egg detection
  • Embryo preservation: non-traumatic candling without optical fibre

Ink jet marking

  • Food-grade ink
  • Colour: red or blue
  • Marking speed: up to 150,000 eggs/hour

Removal modules

  • Instantaneous rate: up to 70,000 eggs/hour
  • Quick change tray-specific tools
  • Vacuum system with built-in vacuum pump
  • Clear eggs and/or dead embryos can be removed

Product information

With more than 30 years of experience in vision, VISO NERF has designed and developed vision solutions for industrial needs with its cirrus3D 3D vision sensors. Do not hesitate to contact us so that our technical sales team can present to you our know-how in more details . The documentation for our sensors and our solutions can also be downloaded. On request, some specific solutions can also be developed, do not hesitate to contact our team to receive more information for your projects.